HCOMI CUP Playoffs

Playoff Schedule & Format (Times for all teams will rotate randomly)
1st place and 2nd place will get an automatic bye to the second round.
The two teams will play a best of 3 series.
The winner of that series will choose who they wish to play in the second round.
3rd place will play 6th place in a best of 3 series in the first round.
4th place will play 5th place in a best of 3 series in the first round.


***First Round***

Game 1 – 1st Round Sunday, March 17th
Excolo Law – 3 vs. The Well – 1 7pm
Northpointe Heart – 4 vs. Tepato – 10 810pm
Motor City – 1 vs. Team Rehab – 3 920p

Game 2 – 1st Round Tuesday, March 19th
Tepato – 3 vs. Northpointe Heart – 1 9:30pm
Game 2 – 1st Round Wednesday, March 20th
Excolo Law – 4 vs. The Well – 2 10pm
Game 2 – 1st Round Thursday, March 21st
Motor City – 2  vs. Team Rehab – 3 10pm

***Second Round***
Game 1 – 2nd Round Sunday, March 24th
Excolo Law vs. Team Rehab 7pm
The Well vs. Tepato 8:10pm

Game 2 – 2nd Round Wednesday, March 27th 10pm
Excolo Law vs. Team Rehab 

Game 2 – 2nd Round Thursday, March 28th 10pm
The Well vs. Tepato

Game 3 – 2nd Round Sunday, March 31st(if necessary)

Best of 5 series to determine HCOMI CUP Champions

The best adult hockey league, with 2 periods..