20/21 HCOMI Season

Alright Boys here’s what we need in order to have a season.

Current overview:

We are looking to have a 4 team league this year.

Each team will have 12 players and a goalie.

30 regular season games + best of 3 and best of 5 for the cup

Games will be on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Everyone plays on Sunday and second games will be played on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Sunday games will start at 5:30 (they may start at 6:30 or 7:30 depending on what the rink has scheduled)

Tuesday/Wednesday at 9:30

We need to sign the contract for the ice time very soon. In order for us to be able to make this commitment, every player, YOU, must take the following action.

1.       Officially signup for the season on the HCOMI website. www.hcomi.com

2.       We must have a $500 deposit from EVERYONE, by next Friday November 6th. This is the only way to get your name added to the final list of players. Goalies are not required to pay.

Payments made via:

Venmo: @hcomi

PayPal: theboard@hcomi.com

If you must pay by check, Make out to:
4105 Golf Ridge Drive East
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

3.       As soon as we get everyone’s deposit, we will quickly create the teams and look to start the season on November 15th.

With everything that is COVID, there are definitely some uncertainties. This means that we are entering this season late and with some risk.

–          Games could be cancelled due to people/teams becoming infected.

–          We will need everyone to be extremely critical of your own health and whether or not you come to the rink.

–          If games are cancelled due to players/teams being infected, these games and the cost of these games will be lost

–          However, if the rink is closed down again, those games/costs can be recovered.

–          Locker rooms and showers have been open. Players have the option to using the locker room or there are plenty of seats and additional dressing areas spread out in the rink.

–          Oak Park Ice Arena has been taking many daily and hourly procedures to keep the rink clean and safe. Your temperatures will be taken as you enter the rink. Sanitizer is made available at numerous stations throughout the rink. You will be required to sign in everytime you skate. Masks are required when entering and leaving the rink.

–          Players are expected  to be out of the locker room and arena within 20 minutes of the conclusion of the game (and this will be enforced)

–          Referees numbers appear to be down this year and are in strong demand. We will have at least one referee, per game, but will always try to have two.

Other notes:

–          Once we get everyone’s deposit and the season on its way, we will provide everyone with information about credit for last year’s early end and then settle the difference for the rest of the season. Final payments will be due December 11th.

Sign up today!

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