’22 Spring commitments


Gentlemen, We do not have enough players for a spring season. We have secured 17 Pick Up Skates at Troy Sports Center.
The days are Thursday & Sunday Eve.
17 Skates at $25 per skate equals $425. The price for the spring season.
The Pick up skate page has the schedule, pick the ones you want.
If you can make them all, great! If you only sign up for ten and you already paid the $425, I can venmo the balance to you, or you can simply put it towards fall hockey or other pick up skates.
Players that have already paid will be given priority.

Confirmed players

  1. Ken Lucia
  2. Kyle Lucia
  3. Mike Miller
  4. Corey Wangler*
  5. Ian Rhynard*
  6. Jon Carender*
  7. Andrew Matthews*
  8. Brad Hargest*
  9. Steve Ruszkowski*
  10. Sam Ruszkowski
  11. David Snider*
  12. Dave OLoughlin*
  13. Solomon Radner*
  14. Bernie Chan*
  15. Marcus Karana*
  16. Eric Messinger*
  17. Steve Timmis*
  18. Brandon Vick*
  19. Paul Alexander*
  20. Dan Smith*
  21. David Krakauer*
  22. Ron Stern*
  23. James Sommerville*
  24. Zach Semaan*
  25. Andrew McHale
  26. Scott Barnes
  27. Rob McLeod

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