Welcome to an exciting and unique brand of adult recreational hockey for players of all skill levels.
Hockey Co. of Michigan was established in 2005 with the idea of continuing a long standing tradition of adult hockey
that started over 55 years ago at the Oak Park ice arena.

Hockey Co. of Michigan will strive to create a variety of exciting seasonal adult programs that are founded on the emphasized principles of fair play, parity among teams, sportsmanship, camaraderie and safety.


The idea of the draft concept symbolizes these principles.
Our player rating system ensures team parity as well as providing a strong base for supporting our sportsmanship and camaraderie principles.  Each year, new teamsare created from the total pool of players, ensuring you will get to know (and play with) most of the other players in the league,

Hockey Company of Michigan plays a 45 game fall/winter season, followed by a 2 best of 3 game elimination playoff series and a best of 5 for the HCOMI CUP!
No long delays between games (except potentially during the December Holiday season & SuperBowl Sunday).

6 teams (12 players + 1 Goalie) each team is comprised of intermediate to advanced level players.
Players that have previously played some type of organized or competitive hockey
This division is for the player that has skill and speed but still plays for fun and is still competitive.
This will be a draft style league, player pairing is not guaranteed, but efforts will be made to pair you with a requested player.
No Checking – No fighting.

OUTSTANDING game times.  NO games on Friday, or Saturday nights:
All games played at Oak Park Ice Arena
(based on the current 6 team format)
Sunday:  6:00pm, 7:10pm, 8:20pm (all 6 teams play on Sunday)
Tuesday 9:00pm or Wednesday 9:30pm or Thursday:  9:30pm

Games are played in 2, 29 minute Periods, to maximize our hour of skating time.
Each team has 1 ~ 30 second time out per game.
Clock is running time, until the last 2 minutes of each game, time will be stopped if there is a 2 goal or less difference in the score.

Jerseys & Socks are provided by our sponsors.
Sponsors are players in the league…we strive to support them where possible.


Hockey Company of Michigan will strive to provide you with the following:
Even scheduling, playing each team the same number of times
Fair player substitution rules, allowing a team to backfill if they will be short, due to injury, illness, or the “no show” factor.
NO NEW PLAYERS will be added to any roster, at any time during the season, without full Board approval.
Two officials and a score keeper working every game we play.
Player benefits during the year, including cookouts, a banquet and year end awards.

Those who wish to participate and be assured a spot must fill out the application in full and mail it in with a full or partial payment.
There will be no “word of mouth promises” for a spot.


The best adult hockey league, with 2 periods..