pick up skates

$25 Prepayment is a the only way to be added to these skates. Cash will not be accepted at the rink on the day of the skate
Paypal, theboard@hcomi.com
Venmo, @hcomi
Text Ken Lucia 248-880-0138.

Sunday, Feb 7th, 2021 7:00pm – 8:30pm – Oak Park Ice Arena

1Ken Lucia2488800138
2Kyle Lucia2485634071
3Ella Lucia2489727143
4Jon Carender7346496710
5Zach Semaan2485351333
6Joe Wallace2103879048
7Chris Alexander2489396580
8Mike Rosenbergh2488914199
9Dave OLoughlin5862423099
10Corey Wangler9893874224
11Dave Silbert2485358359
12Jimmy Fontana2487058820
13Matt Pacioni2489304308
14Dan Keith2485743419
15Mike Miller2486726654
16James Sommerville 2483029470
17Al Lorkis2488854034
18Josh Brown
19John Janvirira
20Kai Janvirira
1 (G)Mo Percman2483204083
2 (G)Brian Peterson7344446600

The best adult hockey league, with 2 periods..